For Clinicians

No-one is just a walking gender identity. That’s why we want to help clinicians and therapists see the whole person.

Our bio-psycho-social lens views the whole person’s development. Teenagers require a sensitive, broad understanding of their challenges, not one narrowed down to a single identity label. We bring a compassionate, nuanced, developmentally-informed approach to gender-related distress. 

Here are some topics we can cover in our programs:
  • I am not a specialist: am I qualified to treat gender dysphoria?
  • Sex and gender: what does the latest science tell us?
  • Managing the gender dysphoric teen in an inpatient setting
  • The challenge of peer influence in the treatment setting
  • Suicidality and comorbidities
  • Working with families

Want to find out more?

We’d love to talk you through what we can offer you in your clinical practice. Just drop us a line using the link below to get started.