Parenting Retreats

Wider Lens Parenting Retreats

Restorative, in-person retreats for parents of gender-questioning kids

Our retreats offer a unique and transformative opportunity for parents to take time for themselves and prioritize their own mental health. They allow you to build connections with other parents who ‘get it,’ take intimate workshops with Stella, Lisa, and Sasha, and to commune in a beautiful, tranquil environment… and also have some fun!

Since each retreat is uniquely tailored to its attendees, the workshops are different every time. Come and:

  • Discover opportunities for growth amidst difficult parenting challenges
  • Balance your own needs with the needs of your child
  • Allow yourself to feel and express any and all emotions (including difficult ones like grief and rage)
  • Work through guilt: you are not a bad parent!
  • Find self-acceptance and self-forgiveness
  • Reconnect with your sense of agency and parental authority
  • Learn to set boundaries with your child
  • Discuss your situation in small groups based on the age and sex of your child
  • Find support and acceptance among like-minded parents
  • Share some laughs

Some testimonials from our last retreat:

The Wider Lens Renewal Retreat was an amazing opportunity for me to meet with other parents experiencing similar situations with their gender questioning children. Sasha, Stella, and Lisa were a source of strength, knowledge, and wisdom that I believe will really help our family and our daughter in the years to come.  The three days I have spent here have brought both perspective and calm for me. I would highly recommend the retreat to other parents. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Participating in this retreat allowed me to take a break from the pretending. My armor came off and my vulnerability – there was time for that. I have so much more – Just Thank You!!!

The retreat was a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded parents and feel a sense of community. Most importantly, receiving in-person guidance and feedback from Sasha, Lisa, and Stella was truly invaluable. I am so thankful to have participated in this retreat. And leave with a renewed sense of hope.

The Wider Lens Retreat was an amazing experience. I am so thankful to have spent time with Stella, Sasha, and Lisa. I finally feel I have the support of parents and therapists and am no longer alone.

Our next retreat will be held in the beautiful state of Arizona.

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