Parenting Webinars

Your child’s family relationships are a primary determinant of their wellbeing, yet parenting a gender-questioning teen has never been more difficult. Parents can feel blindsided by their child’s request to take on a new identity. It can be confusing to navigate practical decisions when there are so many sources of conflicting information.

Our webinars draw upon our years of experience working with young people and their families to bring you practical, down-to-earth guidance based on the most up-to-date research in the field. We offer clear-headed and reassuring guidance based on our considerable expertise successfully helping families navigate this issue. You are the world’s leading expert in your child! And we’ll support you in trusting your parental instinct.

When Your Child Says They’re Trans:

A Comprehensive Webinar Series

If your child is questioning his or her gender, cut through the confusion, ideology, and scare tactics. This comprehensive parenting course will give you everything you need to support your gender-questioning child with love, confidence, and wisdom.

Three world-experts in gender-identity, Lisa Marchiano, Stella O’Malley, and Sasha Ayad guide you through the science, psychology, and cultural context, helping to ground you in the latest research and offering practical, compassionate parenting strategies.

Each 90-minute session includes a one hour panel discussion with Lisa, Stella, and Sasha, filled with evidence-based information on how to best support gender-questioning children, teens, and young adults. The live classes also give you the opportunity to submit a question for the 30-minute Q&A.

This comprehensive course is divided into six chapters. Proceeding through the course in chronological order is the best way to gain all the knowledge you need to parent with love and structure. For those interested in specific topics, you can also attend classes or purchase recordings “à la carte.”

The 24 classes we offer as part of this series:

Chapter One – Trans 101
  1. Is my kid trans?
  2. Social transition & medical interventions
  3. Suicide risk & self-harm
  4. Understanding indoctrination
  5. Other mental health issues (ASD, giftedness, ADHD, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, social struggles)
  6. Desistance & detransition: What parents need to know
Chapter Two – Parenting Principles & Strategies
  1. Parenting styles: How to manage conflict with your child
  2. Setting boundaries & broadening perspectives: Keeping kids safe and helping them grow
  3. Mitigating unhelpful influences: The internet, affirming friends, teachers, and cheerleading adults
Chapter Three – Parenting by Various Age Groups

For each of the following age groups, we’ll share what we know about gender dysphoria and discuss age-specific parenting alternatives and strategies for responding to requests for transition:

  1. Under 10
  2. 11-15
  3. 16-17 
  4. Young Adult
Chapter Four – Parenting in Special Cases
  1. Taking drastic steps: Considering a family move, change of school, or other big decisions
  2. Reversing course: You affirmed at first and want to slow down
  3. Estrangement: When your child cuts off contact
  4. Communicating with professionals: Schools, camps, therapists, and doctors
Chapter Five – Family Relationships & Dynamics
  1. Marriage, spousal relationships & co-parenting
  2. Siblings
  3. Extended family
Chapter Six – The Self & Personal Impact
  1. Dealing with isolation and managing relationships with friends
  2. Mourning & acceptance
  3. Managing emotions: Guilt, despair, rage, fear, loneliness etc
  4. Honoring & listening to your parental intuition

These classes are for you if:

  • The advice you’ve received elsewhere feels at odds with your gut sense of the situation
  • It feels like you’re walking on eggshells and not sure how to interact with your child
  • You’re concerned about your child’s long-term wellbeing and mental health
  • You support your child’s healthy exploration of identity, sexuality, and gender nonconformity, but have concerns about premature medicalization
  • You’re looking for strategies to help you exercise parental authority and parent with more confidence

Pricing for live classes

$50 per webinar

Pricing for off-the-shelf classes

$35 per webinar, purchased through Vimeo